2nd Gen Brain + 1st Gen Motor Firmware Update Errors

Just received a new Gen 2 Vex IQ brain yesterday to replace an older Gen1 brain that finally died.

Connected the various Gen1 motors to the brain. Some had been updated by the Gen1 brain in the past 3 years and some had not, so I don’t know how old the firmware is on the various motors.

Gen2 brain connected to VEXcode IQ (Mac) via USB-C cable and VEXCode can recognize the brain. Brain is updated to VEXos 1.0.6.

Brain turned off. Brain turned back on. Immediately get the:

“Device update. Proceed?”

prompt. Select “Proceed”". Receive: “2: Old bootloader” error for motor on port 2. Receive generic “Updating 7: Error” and “Updating 12: Error” for motors on 7 and 12. (Motor 5 is fine).

Connecting motors individually results in same errors (just individually instead of as a group).

There is no Gen2 controller connected or paired (hasn’t shipped yet). For all 3 motors with errors, I can interact with them through the “Devices” menu and activate them and see their velocity, command, position, etc.

Anyone else dealt with either of these errors successfully?

The IQ gen 2 brain is not able to update motors on old bootloaders.
There have been very few device updates in the last few years, the motor bootloader was last updated in 2015 (IIRC) and we decided that IQ2 did not need to handle the old bootloader which has been obsolete for over 7 years. The only way to update this motor will be to use a Gen 1 brain along with the vexos utility for PC or Mac.

Hard to say why these are not updating, again it’s unusual to find non updated motors as the last update was quite some time ago. You could try another cable, the error is caused by a communication error and that’s most likely due to cable or connector issues. Alternatively, use the gen 1 brain and vexos utility to see if that will successfully update them.

They will still work (to some extent) with the gen 2 brain, but you will have to abort the udate request (use the X button on the brain) every time it’s powered on.