2nd gen sensors and 1st gen brains

Hi all. I have a set of 1st generation VEX IQ, and I am considering getting some 2nd generation distance and optical sensors to use with them. I see on the site that they are compatible, but I wanted to get some feedback from folks here regarding this.

Have you had success using the 2nd gen sensors with 1st gen brains?

How well do these 2nd gen optical sensors work? Better than 1st gen color sensors?

How well do the 2nd gen distance sensors work? Are they easier to use than 1st gen distance sensors?

Thank you.

Theoretically the Gen 2 sensors work with Gen 1 brains, with the limitation (I believe) that you cannot update firmware on the G2 sensors with a G1 brain.

Speaking from experience, G2 distance sensor is waaaaaay better than G1. Better accuracy, much more consistent all around.

Do you have any experience with the new optical sensor?

I do not, no. I was much more interested in how the performance of the distance sensor was, so that’s all I got.

The New Optical Sensor is Amazing, the light allows us to see in areas where a V5 Vision sensor can not, and I had it detecting disks in our mag for autonomous on our previous robot. I would highly suggest it for color-based applications. (More than the color sensor in some cases)


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