2nd Generation Brain Problem

Every time I turn on the brain, the code resets to the previous code. I have to change it every time I want to drive my robot.
For example, if Code 1 was the original code, and Code 2 is the current and improved code, then every time I turn on the brain it automatically switches back to Code 1. I have to get my computer and download the code.
I am using a controller, so the code is just a few devices with the ports.

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Can you specify what brain your using? EX: Vex V5 or Vex IQ?

Or maybe share a video of it…

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I’m going to say you are talking about the V2 VIQ brain. There is a setting that lets you pick the default program to open up to.

I am pretty sure that it is Vex IQ.

I can’t exactly do that because it happens daily, not every minute or so.

Give it a firmware update (if any available)… maybe that will work.