2nd NZ Sack Attack scrimmage

Today Auckland held it’s second scrimmage for the Sack Attack season. Thank you to Glenfield College for hosting, it was a nice event which ran very smoothly. :slight_smile:

The finals were played by an alliance of 2915A (Jack Attack, Lynfield College), with 2941A (Otumoetai College Robotics, I hoped I spelled that right) and 2919A (Kristin School) with 2921 (Free Range Robotics). Every robot in the finals had an autonomous of some sort, some very impressive.

The finals were won by the Lynfield and Otumoetai alliance, congratulations to them on playing incredibly well. In the second match of the finals, they scored 295 points.

I myself am not confident what the highest driver skills score was, but the programming skills challenge was won by 2921 (Free Range Robotics), who scored 10 points. (not a desperately high score, but then again, it was a surprise to us the robot had an autonomous at all).
EDIT: Driver skills were won by 2915A (Jack Attack, Lynfield College) with a score of 215, closely followed by 2941A (Otumoetai College) who had a score of 210.**

Well done to all the teams who competed today, and again, thank you to Glenfield College and the volunteers from Massey and Auckland Universities for hosting a well run event.


And if anyone’s interested, here’s our take on the scrimmage: http://www.aura.org.nz/archives/1179

George beat us by a couple of hours this time :smiley:

Thanks for the write-up AURA, well done as is usual!

Many thanks to 2915A (again) for an awesome alliance. Sorry about our “technical difficulties” ;). Sad we didn’t break that 300 point barrier, just 1 sack off for the second time :rolleyes:, but oh well, there’s always next time ;).

Good games to the finalists, 2921 and 2919A, as well as the semi-finalists we played, 2915C and 2915R. You all put up a great fight.

Also, thanks to the volunteers and host school for an excellently run scrimmage. Special thanks to Nathan and Matt from AURA for trying to help me with my connection issues.

Good to see 2921 with a robot this time! :slight_smile:

As usual it was very well run, A+ grade awarded to the organizers from me.

Thanks Oats for the great alliance again :slight_smile: and free range and Kristin for the hard fought finals matches.

Don’t worry lucas, I’m most probably re building now so we might break the 300 barrier next time :wink:

Oh yes, you were the one taking a defensively stance today, good thing I got a break, hard work that stuff :stuck_out_tongue:

One other thing I didn’t mention in our article was that I personally made great use of the VEX Sack Attack app, for looking at the game manual (It is the first SA skirmish I have been able to attend). Having the rules on hand and searchable was fantastic, as it allowed easy clarification of some of the things we were unsure on. So, big props and thanks to VEX on that one!


by any chance was video taken of any of the matches?

Videos from Kiwibots events are only released with the permissions of the teams involved, so it’s unlikely that videos will be made publicly available I’m afraid.

Haha, yes it was good to see a Free Range robot, what a shame it wasn’t our real one :wink:

We seemed to do quite well at maneuvering into a defensive stance, and also at reconfiguring our intake mid match. We were very pleased those functions of the robot worked perfectly as planned, and remained reliable and consistent at it (well, up until the finals matches).


Im glad you found out how useful a defensive stance is :wink:

And i loved your intake, that transforming thread? I think this would win xD One second its an intake… next second, robot of epic proportions emerges, and you even managed to park with it like no one else in one of the games!

Be careful guys, make sure you don’t give TOO much away…

Quick Jack give more away.

I think we would still manage all right if the defensive stance became common at worlds ;).

well, let’s analyze what we do know






According to quote 1, we know that the robot didn’t function. That may suggest that the “Transformation” indicated in quote 5 was powered and could be controlled, indicating pistons or motors. The manual power also is supported by the info in quote 4(reconfiguring our intake in match 4). Quotes 2, 4, and 5 suggest that this transformation is not for show and serves an offensive and defensive purpose. It also supports that this reconfiguration was not to repair the robot. Quote 5 suggests the assistance of parking. This means that it must of had a fairly large expansion. Looking through the forums, raptor(i believe) suggested an expansion which can allow your robot to de-score and park at the same time. The full quote from 4 says that the intake changes shape. From a designer’s perspective, changing the shape of an intake would only contribute to another task. Whether this is for de-scoring or goal capping, it’s suggested by quotes 2 and 4. Since we know the victor of the match said quote 2, it’s safe to assume that they bypassed their defense or that free range timed their tactic incorrectly(which occurred in round up).

However, the interesting quote is quote number 3.

Switchable tactics and easy parking that isn’t at it’s full potential…

But of course, validity is always a question on the internet. I may be over thinking this or i may not. This info could or could not be valid. But without a doubt, it sparks ideas.:cool:

Everyone think about how good nz is at building efficiency bots and if now they are putting their minds together to build an amazing defensive design we are all going to be screwed at worlds.
The only things i can think of are
12 foot wide wall bot
or a robot that picks up its opponents because it isn’t pinning if the robot isn’t touching a foam tile.

May the flying spaghetti monster help us.

Keep thinking… You are on the right lines with some of your points :wink:


All I can say is - I am really looking forward to pitching the Singapore’s robots against the NZ during the Asia Pacific, and see how we fare.

Think it is really going to be great :smiley:

Meng when will this be and will you release videos of this Singapore nz comp?

Hi Tabor, are you referring to the Asia Pacific Vex Robotics Championship?

Well… it is kind of complicated.
Officially (on the websites), it is still stated as mid-Oct.
But we have received news (and a letter as well) that Asia Robotics League (ARL) and Kiwibot have agreed to shift it to early Dec, so that the Singapore teams can participate.

But we are all still waiting for the official statement.

As for the release of the videos… think it will be beyond me to decide. Think ARL and Kiwibot will be the one making decision on that.

good to see that the NZ community finally realize that defensive strategy can be just as good as offensive!
and that defensive isnt “against the spirit” of vex

Tbh i hope im not:cool: Lets just say i’m working on a transforming intake as well; if we are both successful, things may get interesting at worlds;)

But, id rather not go into detail until the team rats it out(ill post it if they do) or feels comfortable releasing it.

i just realized. The Wall-bot transformer is from nz as well, but the guy on youtube set his videos to private. Did it ever compete in a scrimmage?