2S Robosavages Reveal

Check out 2S Robosavages’s sneakpeak reveal!

Looks pretty sick to me. Driver loads in 20 seconds is pretty good, if you can get that many off the field in 40 seconds, that’s 24 cones.

Are you using 7:1 or 5:1 on your DR4B? Thnks.

I’m currently using 1:7 on my double reverse 4 bar.

Thanks lol, dont think my field time is that fast though

What gear ratio are you using on your chain bar?

It’s actually a 12 motor 20:1 drive and a passive dr4b, there’s your season changing leeks

Every time i see an active intake going ham on the loader i hate it more and more. Good job guys :wink:

Biases…any Quantum Flux Leeks soon? Anyway, we’re never going with a passive intake LMAO

Active intakes definitely cause a lot of issues throughout the rest of your bot.

THAT’S IT! I’m accepting I can only get close to a fast robot like this and many others but won’t ever get to round robin. So I’ll just win skills, that’s easier right? :E (I understand that sounds ridiculous)

Every time I see that passive intake pickup a cone it makes me vomit lol

Active intakes are better because they are more consistent.

Using 1 to 7 torque on that robot

Everytime I see parts breaking off of a robot I hate life more and more too :wink: No hate pls hahaha

I like that :slight_smile:

Exactly what my team is doing right now…

I agree that as just an intake type, actives are better. However, they also have a lot of ripple effects that detract from the rest of the bot.
Lets take my current bot. With just slight modification, it could run 4 mtr high speed drive, 4 mtr high speed 1:5 lift, 2 mtr high speed 1:5 chainbar, 1 mtr mg intake, 1 mtr intake.
Now lets make a simple switch: convert to a passive. This saves me one motor. However, I also now only need to use 1 mtr on my secondary lift, as there isn’t really any weight on the end of it anymore. So now I have two motors to upgrade my drive to turbo.
But that’s not the end. With taking those two motors off and reducing the amount of metal at the end of my lift, I’ve just put much less stress on my motors. I’ve also put less stress on my arms, allowing me to convert to a half c lift, in turn putting less stress on both my motors and drive. By the time it’s all said and done, I can take two more motors off my lift and slap them on my drive without changing ratios, meaning that just by switching my intake I’ve reduced a 7 motor cone system to a just as efficient 3 motor cone system and achieved 8 motor drive. And I don’t know about you, but I’ll take 8 motor drive over an active intake any day.


But you can have a 2 motor lift with an active intake. And there is no need in an 8 motor drive.