2Z Double Shooter

Over the weekend we competed at the BC Fall Qualifier at Fraser Heights with a double shooter design and got some pretty good scores during the final matches with our alliance 2R. (One shooter was sufficient for our match though)

292 170

It shoots just over 2 balls per second using both launchers but we were just having fun with the idea so it was still pretty experimental. We’ll be changing our robot to a different design for the next competition so we wanted to share some snippets of the doubling.

sorry it unintentionally turned out ipotato quality, btwthx 118 u r inspiration
thanks austin cans for the rob roller design, udabes

Wow, that’s a very impressive launcher!
Do you mind if I ask how the pullback and release mechanism works?
I don’t see any drop off cams (you may call them nautilus gears).
From what I can tell, it uses a linear slider, but I can’t figure out how it releases the launcher once it has pulled back.
Thanks for any replies.

A double shooter is an interesting design. I know our team C was going to work on one during our next allnighter in hopes to be the first team to reveal one. I may decide to design our fourth iteration of our team’s bot from this design as I’m tired of building and tuning our flywheel designs! Hopefully more designs like this will begin to pop up as state and world comes around.

Looks like you guys have beaten us into it.
We were hoping to be the 1st to reveal a “double barrel” shooter.

But great job!
Can’t wait to see how you are going to integrate the self-lifting mechanism to this double shooter :slight_smile:


My expectations of how fast balls can be shot are being beat every day here on the forums. Nice work!

Hey guys! 6430 here. Well… We have had a double launcher since August but we chose to keep it quiet for some time until we were sure it was what we wanted. We built with high hopes and we couldn’t be more pleased with the results! It’s a double flywheel and although that presented some spacing issues ultimately we love the design. We are currently working on bringing our accuracy up. With the idea of more doubles coming about I cannot wait to see how the competition heats up! Now, if you don’t mind me asking I have a few questions for Robosavages.

  1. How is your accuracy?
  2. How many motors are you using on your entire launching system all together.
  3. How has your motor usage effected your availability for driving speed.
  4. How many launchers can you load from the field?

Thanks guys! I have a MASSIVE amount of respect for your team and your robots! You guys are seriously incredible and I love your design!

Thanks for the support. We knew from the beginning that we were not the only ones that have made a double shooter so it’s not our intention to be the first to reveal. More so to just show our robot in general. You know how cams transfer energy from motor to an object to move slider, our launcher is not so different.


  1. The accuracy of our double shooter varies depending on the following reasons: worn out sliders, human mistakes when loading, rubber bands and etc. However it can be improved by fine tuning said reasons.
  2. We use 4 motors
  3. Internal geared for speed and externally geared for speed as well, so it’s not too bad compared to other robots.
  4. We can obviously use both the launchers while shooting the preloads however we chose to only load one launcher while on the field as using one was already fast enough.

Wow, that’s an incredible design! As are all of the designs in that match, as you guys just about cleared the field! (too bad that ball got stuck in the corner).

I’m sure come worlds the fields will be cleared in a significant number of the matches. The question will be which teams can get more points before that happens.

Does the launcher use a slip gear on a linear slider to pull back and release?
Slip gear as in a gear with some teeth on one side shaved off.

Very cool!

I was hoping someone would do this ever since we did ri3d, and it looks like you guys pulled it off nicely.

Awesome! Thank you guys for the info. I can’t wait to see what you guys come up with and I look forward to competitions to come! Also, just out of curiosity, what are you using the pneumatic reservoirs for?

That is so awesome :stuck_out_tongue:

Lebron James Pearman 2.0?

What sort of accuracy do you get on average?

Sorry for the late reply everybody.

Hahah very good guess.

Thank you! We would also like to thank you and all involved in ri3d because our first shot at a doubled design involved two camcams on a high strength axle which eventually led to our doubled LP.

The pneumatics are used to leverage our intake, brake, and for our lay up shot mechanism.

Using one is a lot more accurate than using two however doubling still has great potential.

Thats one incredible firing rate! I’m now imagining two robots with that configuration on an alliance, going through all the driver control loads in under 15 seconds. Makes it really too bad you cant load driver control loads in autonomous. (Actually I really like that rule, as it creates a bigger challenge.) Still it would be amazing.
When you say you use 4 motors, do you mean 4 in total or 4 on each launcher?

This Robot is not similar to Ri3d thing.

The double shooter definitely helps. If our teams are on the same alliance they can empty the preloads in 10-12 seconds.

Even without double shooters, teams have shown that it should be possible to easily empty the preloads in around 6-7 seconds with 2 robots.

We use 4 motors total. There’s a possibility of going as quick as 24 balls in 11 seconds with a double shooter. I doubt it’s necessary for both alliances to do preloads.

If you only using 4 motors, what about a quadruple shooter? :smiley:

Yes, I mis-spoke. I said preloads and I meant driver control (24 balls) loads, but we all probably know that. Also, the 10-12s was for one robot. I mis-understood what the team told me.

One issue in having two teams fire off 12 each in 6s is that some hit mid-air and bring down the overall score. Not sure it is worth it for 6 sec savings.