3.21 worlds, or 3.21 normal?

Hello Vexforumers!!!

Here's a poll on how many of you will be using the "worlds" 3.21 version. Feel free to comment too! ;)

I’ll be using 3.21 Worlds, my thinking is that if something goes wrong there, it will be VEX’s fault, but if we use 3.21 normal, it is our fault because they specifically told us to use 3.21 Worlds. So if our robot stops during the match, there might be a chance of a replay.

This is dangerous thinking. This kind of logic can inadvertently lead you to conclude that any problem that may occur is the fault of the firmware upgrade, and that you therefore “deserve” a replay if something goes wrong. The fact is that replays at Worlds are quite rare. Last year I’m sure I could count the number of replays on one hand, and that was with well over 1000 matches played at the event. There’s 2 reasons for this. First, you have all the VEX experts on-site. They work hard to make sure everyone is functioning, and when things aren’t right they can quickly diagnose the problem. In nearly all cases, the problem will be something under your control, like a low battery, and they’ll tell you this and show you the LEDs that say so*. The second reason is time pressure. Matches at Worlds run at a crazy-fast pace. There just isn’t much time for replays. Luckily, due to the first reason I cited, there isn’t much of a need for them.

You are probably correct that if you experience problems and you are not using the Worlds version, they may advise you to upgrade.

  • During the match, when the adrenaline is pumping, you might not believe them and may get angry (I know, it’s happened to me - and probably a lot of others too). Please, if this happens to you, remain calm as much as possible and listen to what the experts tell you. Following their advice is the best way to be successful in your remaining matches.

Read my thread from the weekend looking at the differences, there is no choice here. If you are on 3.21 then you should upgrade to the worlds firmware. This is the advice of VEX and will be my advice if anyone asks me.

What’s the difference between the two?

Did you look at the link jpearman posted?

Basically his testing showed that while 3.21_worlds takes longer (around 9 second longer that standard 3.21) to link with a joystick connect it is far more likely to relink if the link is lost during a match.

Based on this I would defiantly be using 3.21_worlds, it may take longer at the start but I don’t think anyone likes looking at a robot sitting on the field not connecting to its controller.

Where does one obtain 3.21_worlds? We would really like to have it… we lost a match and had a near loss in another one at our last tournament due to connectivity problems.

Here is the Official release page by Vex it has a download link

Thank you!

As of right now, we are going to continue using 3.16 because that has been working for us and we see no reason to switch.

We will probably do so as well.

Just to add to this, there seem to be two situations that the firmware (either version) can be in. I don’t understand the difference but just for the sake of explanation I will call them “Good WiFi” and “Bad WiFi”.

In the “Godd WiFi” situation both versions take about 10 seconds to link both on initial power up and on a re-link.

In the “Bad WiFi” situation the standard 3.21 does not manage to re-link, however, the worlds 3.21 will re-link but takes a little longer than normal.

Obviously, the best position to be in is that the robot never looses connection and has to try and re-link, this is where it’s important to make sure all battery connections are sound and that the backup battery is fresh.

I was just wondering. Could you try disconnecting 3.16 by like turning the controller off and on for a second and comparing that with worlds?

Thanks for your tests. :slight_smile: They are awesome.

I am using v3.16 now and when I tried to upgrade to 3.21 normal, the bootloader said that I was up to date so can i upgrade to 3.21_Worlds straight from v3.16? I am using EasyC V4 btw.

I did that, I posted in the other thread yesterday.

Which version of EasyC, you need to go with to use 3.21 firmware.

To upgrade to 3.21_worlds use the VEX provided utility.

I haven’t noticed any problems with the new (worlds) firmware, but I just upgraded on Saturday. Before that, I had a version so old that the first digit was a 2 (or something like that). It never dropped connection. Ever. I’m hoping the worlds version will do a better job with the signal than I’ve seen with a lot of the teams at nationals.

If you read my post earlier, I’m sorry it is incorrect.

I stated we recommend running the Non-Worlds firmware. This is true with one exception “The worlds competition” the worlds firmware has an aggressive reconnect algorithm. So, at the Worlds Competition we will recommend teams using easyC to flash to the Worlds Firmware.

As a note, this firmware has other impacts on features not related to the VRC competition. When using easyC for anything other then VRC use the included firmware, but in competition use the Worlds Firmware.

edit: I will also be posting a link to download the “Worlds Firmware” on the easyC Download Site.

In my experience, 3.16 is better than both firmware updates.