3 cube?

I ment like asking him what to do if this is spotted before or after a game and if it is still within the rules because I beleave if people think that this can happen then some people will start cheating and then it distroys the hole sport.

no no “field breaker”

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stacking 3 cubes on top of 2 cubes could honestly be a viable strategy for lift bots, that want to have more slots to stack on, so that they don’t need to stack as high.

If you managed to get three cubes in that means that your goal zone is not where it is supposed to be, the edges are supposed to be touching the wall such as you have on one side. im am not shure but the accual official vex field I think is desined to rest on top of the metal pieces that stick out of the goal zone.

If this was during a tourney why are the protected zones not taped off. This is a highly suspicious event (IMO)


I remember in one of my first tournaments this year one of the towers weren’t attached properly and it fell during a match when a robot tried to score a cube in it.

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surprised I didn’t notice that. it is odd, the tape lines can be really important for teams using line trackers or something for auton.

Bottom two cubes need to be placed precisely or the next layer of three cubes will fall. My team tried it and it isn’t easy. Don’t count on it to work during the heat of the competition.

have u seen the iq finals at wrlds if they can stack those and i did that year it was really hard to get 4 on 3 then teams will find a way if they want to