3 d printing

I was wondering if i can 3d print the same spacers as the vex ones but slightly thinner instead of laser cutting them is this okay? Its based off the vex part but with a thinner outter wall.


You can only 3D print parts for non-competition use. You are required to use only vex parts or vex approved parts. We are 3D printing gears for practice but we can not use them in competitions.

Thats sucks what if it can be approved?

If you have a lathe and experience with it, you may be able to make some. They can also be bought on McMaster Carr. https://www.mcmaster.com/nylon-spacers

(Edit: The above link spacers)In my opinion it serves the same purpose and according to this rule it should be legal, but that is up to opinion and I’m not sure. It doesn’t introduce additional functionality, but it doesn’t explictly say spacers, only washers.

As of right now, in my opinion, the 3d printing of spacers will NOT be approved. The whole issue of 3d printed parts has been a topic at the event partner summit for the past few years. The RECF, at this point, is not allowing 3d printed parts for anything other than non-functional decoration for high school and below is to keep the playing field as level as they can as there are still many teams that do not have access to 3d printers and those that do might then have an unfair advantage.

To clarify - 3d printed parts are never considered “commercially” equivalent for VRC. This was specifically answered in last years Q&A and still hold true.

To clarify on my post: When I said it was legal I was referring to the McMaster-Carr spacers as commercially available, not 3D printed parts, which are not. Sorry for the confusion.

thank - I misunderstood - there was a whole debate about asking people to sell custom 3d parts and claim it was “commercially” available.

I think McMaster-Carr is an awesome source for fasteners and simple tools. RobotSource fills a niche of specialized parts for VEX competitions…