3 discs


You know that we can take maximum 3 disc into our reservoir.
Is it okay if the 4th disc slides off the top of the reservoir or does it count as input into the reservoir and cause problems?

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As long as you aren’t scoring points and only attempt to release the fourth, it will be ok. Don’t repeatedly do it though that could be seen as intentional possession


remember to check your judges at the event because a lot of them won’t allow this

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As a Head Referee, I’d advise you to avoid this. Once your robot takes in the 4th disc, you’ve already broken rule SG7 and the ref is going to give you at least a minor violation. By dumping it without scoring it, you’ll probably avoid a major violation, but it depends a lot on what else is happening in the match (and whether you’ve broken the same rule in a previous match). Don’t risk it. Don’t pick up that 4th disc if you can avoid it.


Judges won’t care but as @mlonsinger notes the referees are not going to be amused by this the third time you do it.


As @mlonsinger said, Just try to avoid this.

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Quoting the manual:

" Possession is limited to three (3) Discs. Robots may not have greater-than-momentary Possession of more than three (3) Discs at once. Robots in Violation of this rule must immediately stop all Robot actions except for attempting to remove the excess Disc(s). A Robot that is in Violation of rule and cannot rectify the Violation cannot participate in further gameplay and will not receive points for tiles Covered in the Endgame."

The phrase “greater-than-momentary” is the key here. As Michelle said, it’s a good idea to not let the Head Ref have the chance to rule this as greater-than-momentary by just not doing it. However, I would expect some HRs (myself included) to say that such a quick intake and “poop” out the back is not greater-than-momentary and therefore not a violation of SG7 at all. This is a Head Ref discretion call.


Now if you want to get the judges involved during your interview, you can discuss with them the design feature of automatically rejecting extra disks. It might be an extra push towards an innovate award or something.

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I would err on the side of caution and just figure out a way to not pick up the fourth disc, or just don’t suck it up. As others have said it’s up the the ref, but probably best not to have the potential for a DQ.


Thank you everyone! ^-^