3 drivetrains on a hero bot for slapshot

Is there a way to configure a motor as a drive train? I want to increase the torque for the arm so we can use it to lift the blue dispenser. Right now we can lift it enough to get some to bounce out.

Thank you in advice.

Motors on their own have a limited amount of torque they can produce. What ways can we take that torque and multiply it in order to increase the torque on your blue arm?

From the title I can say this probably won’t work. Max drivetrains in V5 code is 1 either 4-motor or 2-motor. or motor groups of 2-motors, and these don’t increase the amount of torque a motor produces.

This is just a limitation of the graphical configuration.
For example, if you create a motor group with code, it can have more than 2 motors.


With functions, yes, you can add more than two motors. I was thinking about the automatic configuration options which would likely be easier to use.

We found a setting in VEX code program that help to increase the torque. Thank you for all the ideas.
New parent to VEX. Wanting to spearhead a robotics club for my daughter’s school. Unsure how to go about it.

I would encourage you to use gear ratios to increase torque rather than relying on the small range available in the motor coding. It seems as if you are near the maximum that the motors are capable of and it is easy to burn out a motor if they are under too much stress for extended periods of time.

Keep in mind that the so-called “herobot” is a trainer…not intended to be a good competition robot but just and example of good building technique combined with very basic game play, to help a novice team get started. Once you’ve experimented with the trainer, your students will achieve much more if they go about modifying the trainer with new mechanisms (as opposed to just trying to program better performance), designed specifically for the tasks you want to do. Take a look at the “clawbot trainer” in the IQ builds for an example of a 5:1 torque increase on a lifting arm, and see if your students can adapt such a lifting arm into their design.

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