3 mogos up the platform

our bot currently has a 6 motor 333 rpm drive our issue is that we are trying to go up the platform with three mobile goals but failed in the end but instead we can go up with two pretty easily is there any other factors that has to come into play when trying to achieve this? The third mobile goal is being dragged by a pneumatic dragger.

Does the goal drag the platform when you are driving up it? Might be adding unwanted friction against you

basically when we want to go up the platform the mobile goal is being dragged by our robot but as soon as we let go of the third mobile goal it immediately goes up with two

videos usually help if you have any, but it sounds like your robot either doesn’t have enough torque or the goal might be catching.

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Is the problem the wheels slipping or the motors not having enough torque? Then you can know what you need to do- if its a torque problem maybe reduce weight or use a slower ratio than 333. If its traction maybe try 6 wheel drive.

6m 333 is helpful but what size wheels are you using? If you are using 4" wheels I bet its a torque problem. If you are using 3.25" wheels I bet its a traction problem.


We’re using 3.25 omnis

Are you guys slipping or stalling? If you are slipping off the platform then you might want to add a third wheel or swap to 4in wheels. If you are stalling, then your robot is probably too heavy as 6m drive at 333 rpm is pretty strong.

another reason for slipping is a less than ideal center of mass. If the weight of your robot is towards the back (relative to the direction you’re climbing) than it can decrease the effective traction you have.

Also keep in mind that any goals which are being dragged, pushed, or otherwise creating friction against the platform will add to the resistance in climbing.


we have three wheels on both sides and the issue looks like its slipping? but once we release the dragger it immediately goes up the platform

so would the third mobile goal have to be slightly lifted? in order to reduce friction while climbing up?

it sounds to me like that would help. Seems like your robot doesn’t have enough traction to overcome the resisting forces of that third goal. But lifting it won’t remove all of the negative effects it has, since it will still be adding weight.


We literally told you how to solve this in the vex discord yesterday. If you don’t quite get it, draw a diagram with the net forces and see where your issue is on paper.


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