3 motor 200 rpm dr4b?

Is it possible to make a 3 motor dr4b with 200 rpm v5? how would this compare to the lifing ability of two motor 100 rpm?

How would you make it go at 200 rpm.

Sorry I am new to this.

There are 3 motor gearbox cartridges for the V5 smart motor (on this page): 100, 200 and 600 RPM. These correspond to the (approximate) maximum speed of the motor with that gearing. Note that a faster gearing means proportionally less torque; a 100 RPM motor will have twice the torque of a 200 RPM motor, and six times the torque of a 600 RPM motor.


Thanks now I understand

Yes, it is possible, but some gearing and extra structure will be needed to mount the 3rd motor.
It will be I believe 0.75 times as powerful as a two motor 100 rpm.

I don’t see why you would, anyways. Unless you don’t have torque cartridges, that is. Using 3 motors for the same (or less, as pointed out by @Railgunawesome) power isn’t worth it. If you don’t have torque cartridges, I get it, but otherwise I wouldn’t.

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so 3 100 rpm motors is better?

Yes, but 2 should be plenty. I have a 2 motor, 100 cartridge DR4B that I’m working on. With proper gear ratios and rubber bands, 2 torque motors should be more than enough.

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Im just worried that 2 wont be able to lift 7 cubes, a tray, a tilter, and intake, and a claw

You shouldnt have to lift 7 cubes, you should only have 2 or 3 in the tray when lifting. Remember that a tray tilter will most of the time, function like a normal tray. That’ll already shave a good 4, 5 pounds off the load


The same things which were green red and blue which you though were motors.

but im going for stacks of 14 in the goal…

Ok, it’s not quite feasible to stack on stacks with a lift tray as of now. Even the originator of the design doesn’t go for it. I’ve tried stacking 6 cubes on top of two cubes and aside from the lift struggling the mounting points for the tray meant it bent to one side under the weight of all the cubes, causing my bot to tip sideways. I would use that extra motor as a booster for your drivetrain or maybe do a one motor lift and have a 4m drivebase. Unless you can build an extremely stable lift I wouldn’t go for stacking on stacks. Realistically you’re carrying a max of three cubes up, and only temporarily. (Swapping towers)

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True I was confused because they looked like dc motors. It wasn’t my fault.

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