3 motor chassis

  1. Any best practices for 3 motor chassis ?
  2. We only have one motor for the arm and it’s struggling and so looking for options to make it more stronger. so trying to steal 1 fro chassis and add it to Arm.

-Corvex A

What else are u using motors for?

The most common applications of 3 motor chassis are on h-rives, which have a center omni wheel that allows the robot to strafe. (that is, if the other wheels are also omni wheels) Another, less common 3 motor drive exists, and can be found on @sarah_97963A’s robot which has a center wheel to increase power. see her reveal for more details.


4 for chassis
2 for intake
1 for arm
1 for inclined plane

I’d recommend sticking with the 4 motor drive and maybe compound gearing your arms or using bands. I’m stuck with a 3 motor drive for my db4 tray and I get pushed around by others pretty easily. If defense is prevalent in your region, your gonna want that 4th drive motor.

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Agreed, that’s what I do with my bot

An arm shouldn’t really be struggling on 1 V5 motor.

What is it geared to? If it’s not high strength, it probably should be.
Besides the cartridge, what is it’s ratio? In most cases, you can increase the torque by changing the ratio.
Do you use rubber bands? They can significantly help.


You would honestly be better off seeing either our reveal from TP, 20785’s reveal from TP, or 1814D reveal from early TP. I believe all three of these directly show how a motor can be used in a central wheel to gain extra power, while Sarah’s reveal shows no signs of it having a 3 motor drive besides you personally counting the motors.

I’ve used a 3 motor H drive and just now swapped to a booster wheel style design. It really depends on what design you are looking for. I’m assuming you are trying to do a lift tray. If so, I’d look at a booster wheel drive for tower focus and an H drive for stack on stack focus. If you plan to do a 3m drive make sure to center the wheel in the middle of your chassis. If you are doing an H drive try to get the wheel to the middle of your chassis and add a washer to offset it into the ground to avoid interruptions if your chassis flexes.

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