3 Motor Drive?

Is this design viable?


Thats 5 motors, but you can use 3 by chaining the back ones to the front wheels.
And yes, this is called an H drive and can be very viable because it allows you to strafe


Ok, I have never seen one of these work before so I wasn’t sure . Thank you.

You can look at older threads on the forums and look on youtube to help.

Good luck


Here’s a good example of a viable H-drive.


honsestley it depends on youre system and design. If you are using v4 with a standard 4 motor drive and you want to be able to strafe you can def do this. If youre using v5 and are only using 3 motors on your intake, you can also do this. BUT with v5 motors are precious. If you really want to strafe then id recomend mecanum wheels. And if you really want to move anywhere you can do a holonomic, or X drive. So take a look at youre design idea before considering an H drive

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A skid steer h drive :face_vomiting: If you really, really want to do a 3 motor drive do like a differential or a set of wheels that can turn like a car.

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I’m curious - steering wheels seem like an inefficient way to turn a robot. What’s your reasons for saying that it would be better than an H-drive that can turn on the spot but has (limited) strafing ability?

I was mostly kidding, but there is a reason that the typical car is not skid steer: It doesn’t handle speed nearly as well.

Let’s pretend for a second that someone made a car-like vex robot. While it definitionally wouldn’t be cliche it does have some advantages:

  • Assuming that both motors move at the same rate it is much easier to stay straight
  • When turning it is much easier to move in a perfect curve
  • It can handle a higher speed more easily
  • Less wheel slipage
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Hs ha, ok. But no trade against turning on the spot in the VEX context. Well implemented H-drives seem like a good option for V5.

I disagree. if you want strafing on a holonomic just use mechanum wheels you get 1/3 * 4 motors pushing you sideways vs 1 * 1 motors pushing you sideways

or is it 2/3 :question:

Agreed, unless you need 5 actuators for other things that are more beneficial.
But my point was that in VEX, a two motor drive plus steering servo would almost never be more useful than a 3-motor H. Maybe.