3 Motor Flywheel

I have recently begun building my robot for SkillsUSA. The objective is to build one robot,able to compete in this years game, with only a super competition kit. I have built my base, intake and feeder for shooter. I have decided to use a fly wheel shooter due to the limited 3 motors I have but im having some problems. I either build a gear ratio that causes my motor to stop after 5 seconds or it doesnt spin fast enough to get the ball into the high net. Any ideas? Any Gear ratios? Any Tips? Anything would help thanks.

One major factor is compression. If there is not close to the right amount, then it could be like that you are describing but your gear ratio could be weird too. What setting are your motors on, speed or torque? It could help if you would be able to post a picture of it that way the forum members could see it to help with your design

Im using high speed because that is all im allowed. This was my first design im trying another one now.

You might want to take a look at slip gear launchers. They’re really simple to make and are quite accurate and quick. Tabor’s little robot that could is a great example.

One thing I see is you dont have any compression on the top which could explain why it is not shooting but a few inches. Try adding a plate or something on top to increase the ball’s contact with the wheel

Okay thanks. Any idea why it stops after 5secs of running?

Thanks mwang17 i will look into it.

It could be anything but the first thing that I would do is check axles spacing structural integrity and all that just to make sure that there is no friction

High Speed motors run at 160 rpms the downside is they use more power which burns out the motors quickly.
High Strength motors run at 100 rpms and they keep up way better than high speed allowing you to have a bigger gear ratio , and a bigger gear ratio allows you to have more momentum.
Then there is Turbo Motors they run at 240 rpms and like the high speed they take up more power even more than the high speed motors and you won’t be able to use a strong gear ratio.
This is just something to think about.

Just think of the overall gear ratio. The motor and wiring isn’t changing, and if run at the same gear ratio overall (including internal gearing) they will run exactly the same.

This is not true. The internal gearing only changes the gearing, not the power. The motor will have less torque as a trade off.

look into 3 high speed motors powering a 15:1
This should launch 6-7 ft easily.

Also, your gearing is way too complex. Try to decrease the size as much as possible

I wasn’t talking about internal gear ratio, I was just trying to say what they run at and which is able to withstand more than the others. Sorry if it was confusing.

your ratio is too high,Your current ratio is 1:49 speed motors resulting in 1: 79. i would recommend 1:21 with speed motors resulting in 1:33

How would make a geer ratio 1:21 with speed motors resulting in 1:33?

High speed motors have an internal gearing of 1.6:1, so 21:1 x 1.6:1 = 33.6:1. 1:21 would be 84 tooth gear to a 12 tooth gear compounded on a 36 tooth gear to a 12 tooth gear.

The Internal gearing :smiley: