3 motor lift

hi, my team is starting the build for our state bot and we were wondering if it would be possible to run a 3 torque motors 1 to 5 smoothly and still be able to surpass the speed of other teams. ways we are considering of doing this is significantly decreasing the weight of the lift by cutting 2x35 straight down the middle. we just wanted to know if it was possible with this “plan” or if there is a better solution to our goal. (if this working we will be able to achieve and break some barriers a lot of teams have been struggling with seeing as how you have to prioritize certain aspects of the robot. also, we will be open to sharing our completed robot if that interest you as long as it succeeds. Good luck this season!! as we close in on state competitions.
planned specs:
-6 motor drive
-1 motor mogo/roller/four bar

  • 3 motor lift 1-5 (maybe)

would appreciate feedback thank you

If you are going for a three motor lift go with 1:5 speed

Can’t tell if joking or not?

It works with a ton of rubber bands. Too few and the lift will be accelerating most of the time it lifts.

No it works 7232x I believe runs 3 motor speed at 1:5 it should work if you make sure you have little friction and a lot of elastic

Yeah 7232X uses a 1:5 three motor speed, and it works great for them.

thanks its nice to know that it work Avery ill send you a picture once its done. we’re expected to finish anywhere between 2 -3 weeks

States in 2 to 3 weeks…

Three weeks from Friday.

Yup good thing I’ll have my ** ALL PASSIVE ROBOT ** done by this weekend

lol programming included well be fine don’t worry

We have a 3 motor lift and I really doubt we would be able to high speed it, and we have fairly short arms. Of course, we’re also not using high strength shafts on it, so maybe that makes a difference.

Oh really, I didn’t know it worked LMAO. Either way I wouldn’t use 3 motor lift personally I just think its too sketch

Agreed. We only use it because we had to make a last second mod to try and reduce burnout.

I have 2 teams running 3 motor lifts. One is a DR4B (bottom is technically a 6 bar) with lots of rubber bands and the other is a dual cascade lift (facing each other to counter lean). On the DR4B, it is 1:5 with torque. It is pretty heavy right now but a diet is planned. The rubber bands manage the weight ok. Not sure if speed is needed as it moves pretty fast now.

Ours runs perfect with 3 motors 1:5 speed. Haven’t had an issue and don’t have to run too many rubber bands. It’s not sketch at all and check out our Instagram if you want video proof. Worked to score 159 with our Z team in a match too!

Hmm. Well, maybe our burnout issue was a cortex issue, I know nothing has burned out since we replaced it.

2 motors is enough to do 1:5 turbo on a DR4B that’s built well and has the rubber banding done correctly.

how do guys mount the third motor?

Do you have a vid?