3" omni wheel

Do we have an expected release date for the new 3" omni wheels?


Just wondering when I can get my hands on something that I have been waiting for… :smiley:

Well, I got this from the video description: “(…) hopefully we’ll be able to get them out during the 1st quarter of next year!”
(Meaning 2011, as it was posted in late 2010.)
As for a more accurate date, I’m all ears too!


hopefully before worlds
and to be LEGAL at worlds…

I can tell you with certainty that this is not going to happen.

Maybe, and I mean maybe, we will have them available for sale at the World Championships.

aww :frowning:
i thought they were made because of the ladder :stuck_out_tongue:
thanks for a definite answer though :frowning:

You guys need to relax. I’ve been pestering John V-N for these for about 2-1/2 years, we can wait a few more months. I can anyways. :slight_smile:

I too assumed they’d be legal for worlds, even if the first sale took place at worlds, so we could design robots that were prepared to swap in smaller wheels.

Now that we have word its not going to happen, if you want to fit under the ladder, its time to start shaving down and offsetting those old small omniwheels, (or use bare wheels).

I think you have given up too easily…


Small omniwheels do work, you know. They’re by no means bad.

the small omniwheels actually do work… it just takes a little bit more patience to get them quite right…

i would love to get my hands on the new ones, with floating wheels on both sides! they look like they work very well!

Harsh words, but maybe I should give up more often:

Brainstorming ways to fit under ladder (primarily through side of ladder):
1 Bribe/Facilitating payments to Paul C to get 3" omnis available and legal for worlds.
2 Make your own ~3" omni from existing omni rollers or other massive assembliage of legal Vex parts
3 Make your own ~3" omni wheel frames from College legal plastic and use existing omni rollers or other legal vex parts.
4 use existing small wheels, either normal or Omni, (already proposed above)
5 use existing 4" wheels without tires, with or without grinding off treads
6 use existing 4" wheels with high-traction tires, mounted at ~45 degrees from vertical so the COS of their height will still fit under the ladder
7 glide/slide/track to lift the ladder as you drive under it with 4" wheels
8 use 3 wheels on a rotating frame as in stair climbing robots, to step over the side rails
9 Packbot type flippers with treads to drive over side rails

DK, if you were not thinking of one of these, feel free to add your own.

I wasn’t trying to be harsh it just seemed to me like when Paul announced that the 3 inchers wouldn’t be available for worlds people kind of gave up. I didn’t mean it to be rude i just meant it exactly as i said it.

Personally my first thought was #6 however #3 would not really be that crazy when you consider that HS teams are allowed lexan. And as Chris said the small omnis do work you just have to design carefully around them. I am sure you could do something to modify the small omnis so that you could use larger rollers with them.

I am not trying to be snooty at all. The inter-webs makes it tricky to interpret tone and i apologize if you felt my post to be rude or snooty that is not how i intended it to be read.


Actually I believe he meant that his own words (“maybe I should give up more often”) were harsh.

Also, jgraber: Those are some nice ideas, I had never really even given much thought at all to the idea of mounting wheels at 45 degrees.


woah! #6 will be CRAZY for show!
but the angle makes it take up more horizontal space…

go with the 4" holo and gear it so fast, that it will RAM itself into the ladder :stuck_out_tongue:

woudnt that destroy the whole drive, the gears inside would look like titans !

thats why you also buff it up with 8 motors (4HS, 4 normal) evil smile
with 2 motors left over for a hang :stuck_out_tongue:

There is a balance somewhere between wishful thinking about things you have no control over, and working within the bounds of “most likely scenerio”.
The completely wishful thinking side, would be a robot design that only works with 3" unobtanium wheels.

A balanced point might be a robot designed with two axle positions, one for 3" wheels, and one for 4" wheels; with some ideas of how strategies could change with 3".

I meant my post quite literally - I’ve honestly never had a problem with small omni wheels to the point where I was like “if I can’t run dualies this robot is useless”. At worst there might be a little more drag sometimes, assuming your robot doesn’t weigh all sorts of pounds.

is that when you run it as a X holo?
or just regular tank setup to get better turning abilities?

IME the tank setup works wonders, but the X holo just doesn’t cut it :confused:
or it would have been my craftsmanship skills back in grade 9…