3 Questions On Hanging

So I have been asked by another team at my school if two bots can hang at the same time and get points for both. So lets say were blue alliance, If we high hang with a ball, and so does our teammate will that be 40 points? Or would it just be 20 points for one of them.

Also can we hang on the other alliances side?

And a third question, If we hang with an opposing big ball will the points count for us for hanging with a ball? Or will it count as a descore for the other team? Or would it count points for the other team somehow?

40 points. But the bar is kind of small.

No. Touching the opposing hanging bar in the last 30 seconds is a DQ.

You don’t get any sort of points, negate any of theirs or anything. Sorry.

I am not sure about question 1, but you cannot hang on the opposing teams hanging bar, and you cannot get the 10 points for hanging with their ball, it just puts their big ball out of play which is only costing them 5 points versus the 10 you gave up to hang with their ball instead of yours. One of my favorite tactic’s is to hang with my large ball and 3 of their bucky balls which keeps the 3 bucky’s out of play.

Okay. And I haven’t seen 2 robots hang at the same time, but in theory it’d be awesome. Thanks!

No. In fact, that will get you DQ’d instantly.

We hung on the same bar as our teammate in a competition back in November. It is a bit difficult making room, but it’s definitely possible - you have to try to hang off to the side of the bar if you can. I have a video if you’re interested.

Hanging with two robots would be a hassle but its quite possible although the hang zone doesn’t have that much space unless one robot is high hanging and one is low hanging… You also can’t hang from the alliance team’s bar, that will be a DQ! :stuck_out_tongue:

<SG7> Once there is less than thirty (0:30) seconds remaining in the match, Robots may not touch an
opposing Robot that is touching their own Hanging Bar or Hanging Structure. Additionally, Robots may
not touch the opposing Alliance’s Hanging Bar or Hanging Structure during this time period. Violations of
this rule will result in a warning for minor offenses which do not affect the match. Egregious (match
affecting) offenses will result in a Disqualification. Teams that receive multiple warnings may also receive
a Disqualification at the head referee’s discretion.

youtube link?

I like to go further, when my team faces a team that tends to hang they sometimes leave their big ball back in the hanging zone so with around 35 seconds left we pick up that opponent big ball plus our own colored big ball and three of the opponents bucky balls and hang. Something you might want to consider if there are other hangers at your competition.

I think that if it is efficient it is very useful to pickup an opponents buckey balls and big balls as well. If they put all 3 of their buckies on the ground and big ball on ground in the goal zone it is potentially 11 points that could be easily scored. Now if they stash those balls it’d be worth even more.

If a robot can pick them up efficiently and hold them so their opponent can’t reach them it is very useful.

Here you go: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rShxDPNeBw0

Our teammates came up to us before our match and let us know their drive was having major issues, so all they would do in the match was hang. We decided that as long as they were hanging, we would try to join them. Unfortunately, I knocked out their big ball when trying to pick up my own :stuck_out_tongue: using top rollers meant I needed to pick it up against something solid. Also, we couldn’t fit both together in a high hang, only one high and one low - I feel as though it would be extremely difficult to have both robots high hang unless they happened to be rather small for whatever reason.

I personally wouldn’t recommend doing a “double hang” - it was cool and gave us some points, sure, but honestly the only reason we had time to do it was because it was looking to be a pretty low-scoring match.

That is super impressive. Great job on that.

What I’d like to see are some same-club robots that are capable of helping each other hang. (e.g. One has a platform the other locks into, then raises both together…)

That’s awesome! That’s a 25 point hang if I counted right.

Not possible?

How is it not possible? 15 for the low hang with a ball, and 10 for the high hang without a ball…

Alright, I didn’t think you were talking about both combined.

oh lol, yeah I was. I almost wonder if that will be the new strategy, trying to hang 2 bots for 40 points total. If they’re both high hanging with a ball

Would be legit.

I don’t know how u managed to do that but whatev XD Pretty beast!


5900J: Nikola Tesla and 5900S: Alpha both hanging on the same bar during a practice run