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Is hoarding allowed? In the essence that either you have a bot that can collect all the balls in some kind of scoop or something similar, or is it on a push-and-grab basis.

And has anyone figured out a good system of grabbing the balls? I just got into it, because the competition for Hawaii is in mid November and my robotics team just got started.

We went to the Elevation tournament in Oahu and was thinking about using the same system for Clean Sweep. Are the balls able to be grabbed like they were in Elevation?

  1. You can collect as many balls as you can hold, as long as they end up on the other side at the end of the match.

  2. I bet a couple of other teams have figured out good systems…the question is…have you?

  3. They CAN be grabbed like it elevation, but I’m not sure if you would WANT to grab it like that…

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