3 ring possession or ring mech?

So me and my team and my schools other 2 teams that qualified are about to go to state in 2 weeks currently we have a 6m drive stacking bot that can possess 3 goals and park with 3, sometimes 4 if we get some momentum built. One of my sophomores had a idea to power a ring mech off the drive motors which I thought is a good idea but I dont know if giving up the space in the middle we use for goal storage is worth for the ring mech, which do yall think is more beneficial, 3 goal parking, or 2 goal possession with rings on alliance mogo? (Also we cant do pnumatic back tilter, only one of our solenoid wires works)

if you only have 2 weeks, that will likely not be enough time to get rings working if you’ve never worked with them before. At least not to the point where they’d be worth it.


If you can score the 3 preloads for AWP then in your position a ring mech would probably not be worth it. Parking with 3 goals reliably is a good enough advantage that rings wouldn’t offer much of a benefit if most of your match is spent gathering 3 goals.

I would say rings. That way you can get higher in skills, plus you can arguably get a lot of points just off of driving around.

we did this and it worked very well and we lost state