3 ring vertical lift

Standard vertical lift using toothed track. Bump sensors @ top/bottom. We also have preprogrammed buttons for full up, full down, turn 180. Makes for a very fast unit. Control is precise and fast due to weight being on middle wheels.


That looks pretty cool and it appears to be pretty stable.
​Nice to see automated procedures triggered using controllers, always more accurate and can help towards getting things done quicker!
​Nice work…

Very nice, and I love the cable management with the rubber bands.

Did you program this, or use the stock IQ program?

Programmed from scratch. Standard tank control for wheels. 2 buttons for manual up/down. 2 buttons for auto up/down. 2 buttons
for claw. 2 buttons for spin left/right 180 degrees.

The dual arm claw with double gears works very well. will grab a single ring from the floor or the stack from the wall.

It’s very fast, but also controllable.