3 v5 motor lift

how do i deal with the balance? problems with power transmission?

If it’s a DR4B then you can do a standard 2 motor lift driving the top 2 gears individually and then do what @Connor did and have a single motor in the middle powering both the bottom gears.


thanks man
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Just out of curiosity what would you need a 3 motor lift for? do you plan to build huge stacks lol?

in fact yes lol
i plan to put the intake and holder on the lift and it’s gonna be heavy

I’ll tell you right now you dont need 3 motors on a lift. Two at most.


If you band it properly you’ll really only need one…


If you use pneumatics you’ll need none. But who likes pneumatics anyway? Just link the lift to the wheels and you’re good to go lol.

I could see a 2 motor lift, but 3 is kind of excessive. If you need 3 motors, there’s probably something heavier than it needs to be.

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Maybe @doge just really wants to be able to carry every cube on the field at once.



Key word: “most”

Depending on what you want your carrying capacity to be you could go with 1 motor(100 rpm of course) geared 1:7 or possibly compound 1:9 (too slow, don’t dew it) But if you want to be able to have a larger carrying capacity you would want 2 motors on your lift 1:7.

thank you for your time.


Just to start I’ll echo what others have said, if you NEED three motor lift you’re doing something wrong. However if you’ve optimized your lift and want more power to lift more cubes faster, and have the motors, 3 motor lift is an option. Here’s how my team did it in itz: image


Um… I’m not certain why you were told that, we had occasional problems with the coupler disconnecting but never with the axle twisting.