3 week old Q&As that haven't been answered

I noticed, there are a few q and a’s from a few weeks ago that haven’t been answered. Were these purposley postponed, or did @VEX GDC miss them?


In my own (limited) experience, the answers come much quicker when all that’s needed is helping someone interpret rules. When there are actual mistakes in the rules or things they may just want to change, it can take much longer. That is reasonable considering they’d have to regroup, look at the problem/change, see how it affects lots of other things, make a final decision, and then reply. I can’t say for sure about any of those, just that I have seen much longer delays in replies in some instances.

There is also a rules revision scheduled for next week, so they may be waiting until that is finalized before answering.

A new “Official Awards Q & A” channel was opened this morning. This channel will answer non-game rule related questions (judging and Worlds qualification etc…)

The Judging and Notebook questions have been moved to this channel and answered.