3 Wide Aluminum c-channel Inventor iMates

Has anyone added iMates to the 3 wide aluminum c-channel file in Autodesk Inventor? If so would you be willing to share it?

The parts library from the BNS website has iMates built into all the existing parts, but obviously not the new 3 wide c-channel.

I would do it myself, but I can’t figure it out for the life of me…we don’t know Inventor all that well. Alternatively, if anyone can explain how to add the iMates, I will gladly do it myself and share the file here. (I already searched youtube, and could not find a video that fits this particular situation)


LegoMindstormManiac from Supersonic Sparks in Maryland used to do all the iMate libraries. He’s in college now at U MD.

I think I remember how it was done. You need to place a center axis in the square hole and make an imate there for the screws/shafts and another on the flat surface for the other piece of metal/bearing block.

Marco from K-Force in New Zealand then had another trick where he did it once and scripted or copied it to all the other holes on the piece. I forget how he did it but the tedium went down tremendously. He is about to graduate this month (NZ is off half a year to northern hemisphere I guess due to their summers being our winters)

I’ve attached my 1x3x1x35 model.

It might not have 100% of all the corrections necessary but it has iMates and correct material properties (in line with BNS’ model).
Aluminum C-Channel 1x3x1x35.zip (2.15 MB)

Thank you so much! We are already using the model…made our life so much easier tonight. This is why I love the robotics community!

I only wish it was easier to put them together on inventor, there should be a 3D scanner to build your robot 3 dimensionally in the inventor interface.

Although, it couldn’t differentiate between the different parts, you could totally create a 3D scan of your robot using something like the 3D Structure Scanner for iPad. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, that would be nice if it could. In fact earlier this year I was thinking about making our robot on Inventor and then 3D printing out a small model. :wink:

Thats actually a really cool idea :stuck_out_tongue: Maybe you could give miniature versions of your robot to sponsors to thank them. You could fill a shelf with just your robot designs :stuck_out_tongue:

Does anyone have i-mated models for the newer linear slides? The rails, the external slides, the internal slides and the bracket?