3-Wire expander help

Hello all,

Last year Vex came out with the three wire expander. I kept putting off learning on how to program it up until now. This year we are using one, and I can’t find anything on defining or using one in Vexcode Pro. Thanks in advance for your help!!

you shouldn’t need the 3-wire expander unless you already used all the 3 wire ports on the brain.

(I didn’t know how to do this)

But to answer your question you need to add an expander the same way you add a motor. Then add a 3 wire utility. do this by clicking on 3-wire button and select a 3-wire thing. Then select a 3-wire port. With an expander configured you can select a port on expander.

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Considering the number of 3 wire devices we are using. We occupy all 3-wire ports on the brain. We have 5 devices that need to be plugged in


The screenshots in that article are from VEXcode V5 but the configuration menu is the same in pro.