3 wire expander keeps burning out ports

Our 3 wire expander keeps breaking the ports on our brain. We are only plugging two shaft encoders into it. Any tips on how to mitigate this issue?

You might have a defective brain. A while ago we had one that pretty much completely burned out after a month of us using it with both regular wires and the triple. Either that or something is wrong with your wires, but I doubt it’s the wires.

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Could also be the static in the field and on the bot. We used to go through v5 brain ports that way, and considering it is a shaft encoder, it may be the static being generated by the shaft, but definitely try changing the brain first as static is a lot harder to fix.

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When we change the port expander to other ports it works for a period of time until it burns out another port, would this still potentially be a brain issue? I think it’s just time to whip out the anti static spray.

It still may be a brain issue, but if you have anti static spray, I would use it.

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Just making sure you are taking about this expander (3-Wire Expander - VEX Robotics). If you are, I’d also go with it’s a static issue.

Is there some reason you can’t / are not using the 3 wire ports that are on the brain (on the end?). There are 8 ports there.

Yes, that is what we are talking about. We use all of the existing ports in the brain for piston solenoids.

Thanks for the quick response. So the dead ports are going to be a static issue. So a static spray on your field is a good start. You could try moving the shaft encoders to the brain (since they spin and can create static) and some of the cylinder solenoids to the expander to see if that mitigates the issue.

Good luck

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