3 Wire Motors

I do not see 3 wire motors in the motor & sensor setup (Component Filters). 3 wire motors do not show under smart devices or 3 wire devices. How would you connect a 3 wire motor?

None of the software folks have explicitly included as an option because none of us thought anyone still had any left. 393 motors and 3-wire motors take the same signals, though, so you can just configure a 3-wire motor as a 393 in anyone’s V5 environment and it will work properly.

I do not see 2 wire motors in the motor & sensor setup (Component Filters) as well. How would we go about setting up a 2 wire motor if it is not in the setup?

The only way you can plug a 393 motor into the triports on the V5 Brain are by using a model 29 Motor Speed Controller, which has a 3-wire plug for the brain. There is no direct support for the 393 on a V5.

How would we go about setting it up in the motor & sensor setup (Component Filters) if it does not show the option for a 393 motor or old Servo?

I don’t think there’s a way to set it up with the Component Filters but if you’re using C++ you can do this for a Motor Controller 29:

vex::motor29 Motor29(Brain.ThreeWirePort.A);

what is the Python code to instantiate Motor29 in v5- say, connected to port A? How about gear ratios an direction? I am having a hard to read the documentation on the constructor of the classes, can someone write a small note on that.