3-wire usage with v5

Hello there,
I’ve been trying to use 2 potentiometers and 2 gyros with the v5 brain, but I’m not getting any reported sensor activity when I move the robot or manipulate the axles in the potentiometers. Our v5 brain does have a dead RJ11 port, am I encountering an entire bank of dead 3wire ports or is there a special way to get 3 wire to work?

Code isn’t the issue here, Im just not getting any readings from the 3wire menu on the brain, and again in the program (I have the sensor values output to the brain screen). Sensors were tested to work on an old cortex.

I’ll post code here when I get a chance if needed.

What firmware version are you running? Do you have anything plugged into port 21? Are the ADI devices fully plugged in? when you say that you aren’t getting any readings, what do you mean?

All devices are plugged in. We have the radio in port 21, and are running vexOS 1.0.5

It was supposed to be fixed, but try moving the radio to some other port anyway. Also, what exactly do you mean when you say that you aren’t getting any readings?

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None of the values of the sensors change when they are manipulated. Just read as 0 on screen