30 DAY WARNING! VEX Online Challenges

The deadline for submitting your entries to the 2012 Online Design Challenges is now thirty days away. Your entries must be submitted by midnight, January 10 at midnight Central Standard Time (UTC/GMT -6 hours). Entries cannot be accepted after that time. We expect a heavy load on the servers that day, so get your entry in early!

The Challenges page is here. Some schools block this page so please make sure you check on an open network.

The challenges are:

Autodesk Inventor® Digital Prototyping Challenge

RECF Team Educational Video

EMC Robotics Team/Club Website Challenge

FUTURE Foundation Robot Construction Challenge

VRC Game Design Animation Challenge

VRC Promote Award

VEX Robotics Essay Challenge

Remember, winners of all these challenges receive gift certificates to the online VEX store, and some of them grant a World Championship invitation to VRC teams. Also, a team interested in winning the Excellence Award at World Championships needs to enter at least one Online Challenge to be eligible, and gets “extra credit” for entering more than one.

Have fun and good luck!

thanks, I forgot all about those

You’re welcome!

Can the promote video be in Spanish (as in, titles, interviews, testimonials)? My team is from Puerto Rico and we would like to promote robotics over here. I would include english subtitles so everything could be understood, too. Also, if I can’t have the entire video in English, can I have some essential (though not necessary to understand) clips in Spanish?


this is the last day!
get your entry submitted ASAP


I missed the Club Website Challenge because I left on a cruise the day the challenge ended. I totally forgot about it till I was on it :smiley:

Anyway, will this challenge be open next year?


Probably, but you will know for sure in late May!