30 second auton period

Who else wants a 30 second auton period next year so that the robots can do more in that time before the match

  • For 30 Second Auton period
  • Against 30 Second Auton period

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If not 30 - something more than the current 15 is bound to arrive sooner rather than later.


I think we should get a 30 second auton and 2 minute driver


With the addition of new motion tracking devices such as the inertia sensor and the vision sensor, I see the appeal of a longer autonomous period.
VEX is said to be an education oriented program and a longer autonomous period would reinforce the learning of things like motion profiling etc.

We’ll be going into a new decade of VEX, I’m anticipating widespread change going into the next game.


If they did that they would need to design a game that takes longer to play.


True, my main point is i dont think we should take the additional time for auton from driver


what happened to “the greatest two minutes in robotics”? :frowning:


Auton used to be 20 seconds. I forget which year it was changed.


Really depends on the game, if it is a game that the feild gets cleared in pretty fast then no. It would be interesting for a game like ITZ or turning point but not this years game.


As a programmer, I’d love a 30 second autonomous period. I wish Vex u was as competitive as VRC HS.


As long as it doesn’t take time from driver period in cool with it.


Only downside would be the negative impact it has on beginning teams who don’t yet know how to program. But it would also encourage teams to step up their programming game so it balances out imo. 30 seconds might be too much, 20 seconds would be better imo. Enough time for a little extra, but not enough to really take away from anything. For those programmers that want a big auton, that’s what prog skills is for


Agreed that is a great idea

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I mean before Sack Attack, Auton used to be 20 seconds.

From Sack Attack onwards it was 15 seconds.

I wouldn’t mind those 5 extra seconds back.


Yes I agree it could make the matches more interesting but it would be hard for new teams without good programmers. Maybe this would be a good idea in like 2 years

Yes but no one knows what next years game might be

It has always been but including the auton and the driver control period 15 + 1:45 = 2:00

No offence, but I don’t really think that argument makes much sense. If a beginning team has not yet experienced builders, they would have a disadvantage in that area, but you wouldn’t make the game easier. Beginning teams might not always have good programmers, but that doesn’t mean you should make autonomous less important. Longer autonomous might disadvantage teams lacking in programming, but that just means, and encourages them that they should improve. Additionally making autonomous too short makes the competing margin very small between good teams. A team alot better than an already good team should be given the room to preform some amount better.


The auton is really important and I think that making the time longer could actually help the younger programmers by taking out the time limit.

Yes driving is also important but I think if they made a game that the match could go on for a long time then this would be a great idea.

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