30 Seconds Left Platform Contact

I would like to make an argument against the rule that if you are touching a field part that is touching a platform it should not count as touching it. I think that this rule is in place to prevent bots with bases using the base in their possession to manipulate the platform. Imagine if a tall base was knocked over and was touching an alliances base and then an opposite alliance bot touches the end of the tall base(which is on their side) and then one alliance gains 30 points which is definitely match affecting just because they contacted a field part on their side of the field. That is why I think the rule should be changed to: If a robot possesses a base in a claw or other mechanism and it touches the platform within the last thirty seconds it shall be considered as an extension.
To make a long story short, if the robot can’t use the base like a tool then it shouldn’t be considered as an extension of the robot. Thank you.

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I agree the rule can seem a bit frustrating, but this is all to prevent teams from using the scoring elements to damage or interfere with other robots, and prevent other opposing robots from utilizing the platform.

Second, the goal is not part of the robot so it really shouldn’t be called an extension of the robot. You are still using field elements to interfere with other robots, which violates rule SG10 that states you have to use the scoring elements as they were intended, not to do anything illegal. This rule also says that it is in place to prevent scoring elements to be used as a loophole.

I hope this makes why this rule exist more clear for you, and I wish you the very best of your day.


By base do you mean Mobile Goal?
In the above scenario, tall MOGO(Mobile Goal) knocked over, is hit into an alliance MOGO, there is nothing wrong(Unless rings come out and match affecting rules apply there)
Now if a tall mogo hits an alliance platform then yes the other team would be awarded points.

The platforms in this comp ate very lacking in crossbracing making them flimsy in many situations. Plus this rule is similar to Tower Takeover where you couldn’t hit opponents stacks down(paraphrased).
Not to mention i dont think a tall mogo can cross the neutral zone and hit a platform and be near the other sides home zone

I think this exists so that teams don’t make mogoal catapults to manipulate the tipping platform without actually touching the mogoals the other team.