3018A Worlds Reveal


Here is TechnaPWN Robotic’s 2019 worlds reveal video. We hope you all enjoy! Feel free to ask any questions.

Robot Specs:

4 motor drive train - 200rpm with omni wheels.
1 motor intake - 600rpm geared 3:5, rubber band style.
1 motor launcher - 100rpm 60 tooth slip gear with added rubber band assist.
1 motor angler - 200rpm rack gear system.
1 motor lift - 200rpm 1 bar lift geared 1:7

Additional features:

  • Ability to park on center platform quickly and efficiently.
  • Can fire from behind the platforms consistently.
  • Is capable of pushing people sideways off of the center platform.
  • Descores caps with 3 point swing every time.
  • Is pretty neat!

Puncher OP

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