3050: Pretty decent cap manipulator

You might be wondering why I flipped the cap like 4 times. It was legit just for the video.

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Pretty cool. I thought about that early season before deciding on flags. It would allow for a shorter (and faster) lift, which I think would be a pretty decent advantage.

We had an intake very much the same idea earlier in the season but we decided it was too bulky sticking out too far making it harder to navigate the field. If you find it fine for manuevering good for you. You should aim to try and get an alignet on that lift though to score faster.

That bot was high-key made so I could practice playing defense. 8m drive and fast flipper made it basically unstoppable in a 1v1 against another caps bot.

In terms of maneuverability, it was pretty amazing. The whole mechanism can, by design, fold in. Therefore, it only really adds like an inch to the front of the bot.

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When you say “pancake flipper” you really mean “waffle flipper”, right?

ah ah ah,
waffle iron…

That’s a really neat design! Was it just a spinner/roller like system to flip the caps?

lmao, how about Goliath?

But in all honesty, IDC what it’s called. Ik, that people will probably call it _______ flipper. Would be nice to get the team name in it but eh. Not gonna force it.

No, it’s pretty barebones. Legit less that a pound. High-key if you want pics PM me.

Don’t see how it affects lift size but ok.
The cap is in the same position it would be in with a passive or any other active. Torque from the cap should be the same.

High key best lift I’ve ever seen, whoever made it is a genius.

It affects lift size because with a “wrist,” you would have to go higher to flip a cap on a pole. With this, your manipulator stays lower and the cap itself moves.

Lmao thx.

Ah, now I know what you’re talking about. It’s the extra 4 inches because of 1/2diameter - 1/2height.

Agreed, it’s pretty nice to stay lower.