3050A State Teaser

My team decided to create a state teaser. However, it really teases… They wanted to blur the whole robot. We are going to Southern California state.


8 star capacity (haven’t really tested)
2 cubes at once
High hang in less than 8 seconds

Love our Canadian robots. Nice job.

That’s a very interesting way to not reveal too much, but it still gives me what I want to see, which is robots doing work (force times displacement, haha I’m fun at parties…).

What do you think the advantage of having enough torque to lift that many objects is over having a faster lift or drive? We had that capability but it’s not worthwhile in the vast majority of match scenarios (and usually a faster bot can prevent those scenarios from occurring). As a result, we reduced our capacity by a whole star… really crazy compromise. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m going to guess you have a tension release in order to be able to pick up that many stars (you pretty much need rubber bands, as far as I can gather from my own work) and also be able to hang. But I’m amazed all the time by robots on this forum, so who knows.

Cool robot and nice filter.

Don’t forget your dot product.


I don’t understand what your asking in the bottom paragraph, I believe the answer to your question is we are using a piston claw rubber band on the open. There are no rubber bands on the lift. My lift’s gear ratio is 1:5 torque and I can lift 7 stars pretty fast. One of the reasons the lift was slow in that video is because I was running on old batteries.


very impressive

Guess not then. Some people have pneumatic cylinders that release the rubber bands from their lift so they can hang without being opposed by rubber bands.