3086Z World Robot revealed

-4 393’s on dirve internally geared for speed.
-4 269’s on lift 5:1 ratio.
-2 269’s on intake.
-pnematics for defense.
-lift with 6 objects under 1 second.
-can hold 4-6 objects at any given time.

These are older photos of the robot.

Good luck at worlds. :smiley:

By “for defense”, do you mean little flip-down wings?

Yeah we got wings.

% Aluminum and % steel?

Why are you using gear/tyres for the front wheels? also, given the length of your arm:chassis has this ever tipped, and can it self-right if it were to tip forwards?

Its all aluminum.

the gear grips the floor better and harder to be pushed. We haven’t tipped over it’s very stableand yes it can.

My team has played with/against this robot a lot (especially at the Pre-World Scrimmage hosted by S^3). 3086Z is incredible… :slight_smile:

I’ve seen 3086Z beat 12D, which was/is quite an accomplishment. Looking forward to seeing this robot again at Worlds.


Do you have any photos of your wings?

no, i couldn’t find any. sorry