3129A Worlds Reveal Toss Up 2014

And now for something different … from 3129A The Green MacHHHHine from Mountain View, CA, USA.

4 Omni wheel, 6 motor drive, all high speed, 3 motors chained together on each side
2 Motor + plus 4 piston assisted 6 bar lift
2 Motor top roller buckyball intake
Pneumatic big ball claw - stashes big balls consistently
Passive big ball knock off bar
Many autonomous routines
Pneumatic hang with big ball
5 Air tanks
(about 18 pounds)






Winner of the San Ramon Excellence Award
Winner of the Bellarmine Bay Area Design Award
7 and 1 in quals at the California State Championships

More decals coming soon.

See you in Anaheim!

Nice bot ! :slight_smile:

good luck in Anaheim, hope to see you in action.

Reminds me a lot of 1233A from Indiana: http://youtu.be/o-HDI489CsE

Looks great!

Good luck in Anaheim, see you there! :slight_smile:

That thing looks intimidating! Very nice robot.

Any videos?

That a really nice looking robot!! Good luck at worlds!

Here is a link to a video of one of our matches at the California State Championships: http://youtu.be/scPSmJIZFKc

Yes, our team has gotten inspiration from a number of teams including 1233A, 2059A, and 1935E.