315G Post-States Reveal

Here’s a quick reveal of team 315G’s robot. We were tournament champions at the Bakersfield California State Championships last weekend :slight_smile: Just thought we’d share before rebuilding for worlds.
6 motor torque 1:5 lift
4 motor high speed 4" omni wheel drive (not drop center)
2 piston pneumatic claw

If you have any suggestions, comments, or questions, feel free to reply to this thread or PM me. Thanks!

Wow, really impressive! Great job at Bakersfield and good luck at worlds guys!

edit: i’m bad @ typing

Insane grammar by @lewie.eath

nice flick!


Great robot!

I would add a flick though.


315G Post-States Reveal - VEX Forum.png

Want me to download the video as an mp4 and post it on the forum?

That would be great.

Maybe leave out the audio so that it doesn’t happen again.

Thanks anyway. Downloading the video worked.
Nice capacity. I really like your claw.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Sorry about the problems. However, the song is just too good to leave out :slight_smile: - I’ll try finding a suitable replacement soon.

In the part where you hang there are many dangling rubber bands. Do you have some form of tension release?

No, we actually don’t have a tension release. We just keep some rubber bands there so that we can easily hook them on when we want more far zone and we don’t mind taking a negligible amount of extra time to hang.

Here’s a without-music version: