315G Post-States Reveal

Hi all,
315G is proud to present the robot that it has used up until (and including) states this season. We were Northern California State Champions last weekend, along with 315X and 315Z. Enjoy, and see you at Worlds!

2017-2018 Season: 5x Tournament Champions

Motor Distribution:
4 HS Drive
4 HS 1:5 Lift
1 HS 1:3 Chainbar
2 HS 1:5 Mogo
1 Torque 1:1 Claw

Absolutely insane robot. What was the process of building this robot? (May I take a picture of the drive train spacing?) Also, how did it fare against some of the strong teams in NorCal, such as 5772 and 8000H?

Those teams are too strong; we have never won a match against them. :wink:

Excellent robot, and congrats on a well deserved State Championship win!

Your auton is particularly impressive to me because its the first robot with an active intake that does 4 cones in 20 that I’ve seen. Its very clean at that. Well done 315.

Aren’t you part of the team? And didn’t you guys get picked even though you lost all your matches?

Anyways, congrats and good luck.

Thanks Ashwin :slight_smile:

Great robot! If you don’t mind me asking, why did you choose to use the cone intake you have instead of a roller intake?

We actually have had essentially the same robot as November, and we felt like our intake was working well enough to use it up until states. We feel that the top-down claw has some advantages that we still have yet to capitalize on, including faster cone releases, etc.

Nice robot, I really like the unique intake and the 4 cone auton.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Looks like a solid robot, looking forward to seeing you guys at Worlds.