315G VEX Turning Point Early Season Reveal (V5)


Nice robot! I really like how it can shoot both flags without moving. Out of curiosity, how consistent is it when doing this?

@rxian it can probably vary speeds in the code

@rxian Thanks. It’s a programmatic thing, so it’s quite consistent. I don’t have exact numbers on consistency though.

Awesome robot! Do you mind if I ask your motor distribution?

Edit: oops, it’s in the video description, I’m really smart. Love your robot though!

It is cool to see V5 in action on a fully built robot. This robot is really nice, can’t wait to see how you guys do this season!

Amazing robot! I love the music too. This is the new Vector!

Really quite impressive. Glad someone finally made a V5 robot better than mine. :slight_smile:

this is a nutty robot <3

Maybe if the v5 kits weren’t delayed and everyone got 8 motors there would be more v5 robots around…

Thanks all.

@Yuanyang1727G True, hopefully most everyone will have theirs soon. Never know for sure though :confused:

You can’t use that vison sensor in a competition.

Clearly this video was made before the production vison sensors come out. I’m certain they’ll switch it later.

A bit late to the party here, but the vision sensor wasn’t actually plugged in during the reveal. We have working auto-alignment code but decided to wait until the production vision sensor comes before tuning it. For competitions, we have taken the vision sensor off entirely.