315R VEX Turning Point Fall Reveal

Hello everyone,
This is the fall reveal of our robot:

Feel free to ask any questions.

Robot Specifications:
6 Motor Drive
1 Motor Intake
1 Motor Catapult

Absolutely insane robot. Alliance at Modesto? :slight_smile:

Cool Robot! As for your future plans, do you guys have any intentions on eventually interacting with caps? AKA- scoring them on posts or just simply having a descorer.

6 motor drive??? That’s pretty powerful. I’m assuming you’re on V5. With that much power, are you looking into increasing your drive wheel speed via external or internal gears?

That thing looks great on the platforms.

Really great use of your motors very efficient!
I’m definitely impressed with the drive but I noticed it looks a little slow for v5 especially with 6 motors. Are you using torque inserts to get maximum pushing power or is the goal speed?
Either way with 6 motors on drive I think with a lot of practice you have great potential, this game has a high skill cap. You need the pushing power and speed so whichever you went with I’m sure will do well.

(There is a chance you guys are super fast and I’m just not noticing, ever since we’ve had v5 my interpretation of robot speed has been off so I’m sorry if I’m completely wrong.)

Some of the clips in the reveal were filmed with a fairly low speed. We are using standard green 18:1 cartridges for all drive motors.

Man I’m glad I don’t have to compete in Cali. Great job guys. Very good robot. How many robots have you abused with that monster of a drivetrain?

Gotcha. We use a similar strategy for certain movements as well, hoping to get a reveal video together soon :slight_smile:

Really great job on this robot. Do you find it difficult to square up the catapult to the flags, since the catapult is fixed onto one side of the robot? Would it have been easier to situate the catapult in the middle of the robot?

What RPM is your intake? Great robot btw!

Our Intake is currently running at 600 RPM (Blue cartridge)

Having the catapult towards one side allows our intake rollers to be much wider. If we had put the catapult in the middle, it would have been harder to fit the catapult.

Why did you decide to flip the low cap on the center pole rather than flipping over the cap next to it? It would be a net 2 points to score the cap versus a net 1 point to score the low flag, given it starts in a neutral position.

How long does it take u to load 2 balls in and then toggle the two flags? Also, how long does it take to toggle all 9 flags? BTW its a grEat RoBoTTTTTTT!

It takes a little less than a second to load two balls (if they are right in front of us), and about 30 seconds to toggle all 9 flags. Thanks!

@Zphelps We have multiple autons that can do different things. We just showed 1 one of them

I am also part of 315R. Just a different member :slight_smile:

I’m curious do you guys have a unique way of selecting your autonomous? We hsed to use and LCD screen but when we switched to v5 we were rushed and made it pretty simple.
I’m not the team programmer so it’s not really my call anyway, but I’m curious if there’s a cool way you learned to select auton using either the brain or the controller’s lcd?

We use jumpers to select our autonomous programs. I like it because it is simple to code and very reliable.