315X In the Zone Reveal

315X Paradigm presents our first robot for VEX In the Zone:

Motor Distribution:
6 motor HS 4-inch drive
2 motor HS 1:7 DR4B
2 motor torque 1:5 mobile goal four-bar
1 motor torque 1:1 claw
1 motor torque 1:3 cone four-bar

Looks like a killer bot. Nice job

Amazing robot, the mobile goal four-bar is really neat.
How did you get the claw to flip out? Is it just the momentum of the four bar going up?

The cone’s weight (pulling outwards) and the movement of the four bar combine to release the claw.

@NightBlaze oh that makes sense, thank you!

Awesome bot. How many cones can it stack?


It can stack up to 15 cones.

How do you guys have your joystick set up for driver control to make it drive so smoothly?

The main and partner joystick both have arm control on 7U and 7D, lift control on 8U and 8D, mogo lift control on 6U and 6D, and claw control on 5U and 5D. However, the main driver usually controls the drive, claw, and mogo lift, while the partner controls the arm and DR4B.

Amazing bot - really impressed by that mogo intake! How did you come up with that kind of design?

Thanks! Our entire robot, except for the drivetrain, was built around the mogo intake. Originally, our goal for the mobile goal lift was to be able to get 10 cones into the 20 point zone. We started by building chain bar mogo lifts since they took up less front-back space, but after days of experimenting, we were not satisfied with the results. We then decided to try a four-bar since they not only had slightly more stability, but also allowed us to put a motor on the front wheels since it took up less space. It was a huge pain to work with at first, but after a few days of trying different bar lengths and linkages, we reached our goal. After tweaking it even more, we were able to consistently dump 15 cones into the 20 point zone.

I’m loving that half c-channels are finally becoming a thing.

How many cones can the robot stack on the stationary goal?

We can stack up to eight cones on the stationary goal.

WOW! That is incredible. Your design is nearly flawless! I am very impressed.

Nice robot, the funny thing is our K team made an almost exact similar cone 4 bar in August. What a coincidence :slight_smile: