315Y Spin Up Winter Reveal

Team 315Y is proud to present our early season robot!

6m 300 RPM Drivetrain
1m 600 RPM Intake
1m 3000 RPM Flywheel
1m 600 RPM Indexer
2 piston Expansion
1 piston Indexer
1 piston Angle Changer

Duel In Dublin Excellence Award
DVHS Tournament Champion + Design Award
Bellarmine Bay Area Tournament Champion

Happy Holidays!


Great robot! But I am curious, why both a piston and motor indexer?


Thanks! We wanted to do a motor indexer because it would make rapid fire faster, but kept the piston as a fallback in case it got jammed.


Does the motor indexer work during the autonomous period? And also really good rapid fire!


Thank you! We did use the motor indexer during auton, and it worked pretty well.

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Nice robot. How are you sharing the motor for the indexer?

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Thanks! We use a double ratchet system – when the motor spins forward, the flywheel engages and the indexer disengages; when the motor spins backward, the flywheel disengages and the indexer engages, which is when the discs get shot. But, when the motor spins backward, the flywheel continues to spin at nearly the same speed it was at before because of its high moment of inertia. Let me know if that makes sense!

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Interesting, so the shooter and indexer share a motor. I am surprised that there are no significant tradeoffs with the shooter. But the robot can obviously take three quick, consistent shots without the third shot falling short. The flywheel must be heavy.

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Yeah, the flywheel has 2 60A flexwheels and 1 flywheel weight. It does take a while to spin up in the beginning, but I think it’s worth it.

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Are you still going with that flywheel on your next robot?

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