3211H Reveal

This is the reveal for team 3211H, the BeatBotz.
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4 motor 1:5 6 bar lift
6 HS motor drive
2 HS motor sideroller intake

Loving the side rollers!
What are the lift motors set to? They sure look like torque, but I’m not sure.

the lift motors are geared for torque.

I said side rollers at the start, but no we had to not do them. But great job on the robot. One question: How well does it do with large clumps of stars?

That is one of the problems we encounter, but we can usually pick up a clump of 3 or 4 if they are clumped in some way, it just takes a little more time. The 2 side rollers kind of grip, and hold clumps, but don’t really push them back into the tray.

This is awesome! Great to see somebody using side rollers, people always find a way. Nice bot.

Thanks, its been tough to make side rollers work, but they eventually turned out good.

Very nice. We have had a very similar design from the beginning. Your side rollers seem to work much better than ours though. Are you guys high school? Love this side roller design with the sprocket, we may try it sometime.

Yes, we are a high school team with 3 juniors, 1 sophomore, and 3 freshmen.

Anyone tried collapsing rollers? (the spokes that were facing the inside of the robot would collapse so it doesn’t jam. That was the idea. Would allow you to go with massive rollers so you shouldn’t have too many problems with clumsp.) I decided to abandon rollers early because claws seemed so dominant, but I’d be interested to see someone pursue it. :slight_smile:

Collapsing as in the motion they(and we) have?