3211H Worlds Reveal

This is Team 3211H Worlds Reveal for the 2015-2016 Season.
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4 motor double puncher
4 motor front and back intakes.
4 motor high speed holonomic drive.

Nice video. Not to mention a really cool robot, it’s nice to see a double intake.
Can you do full court shots?

No, we have enough power when we add more rubber bands, but we are not able to make it shoot full courts accurately and consistently enough to make it worth while.

like mentioned above the double intake is awesome surprised more people didnt do this I imagine it makes driving a whole lot easier

What are those discs made out of?

Nice robot.

Yes, it does make driving a lot easier because we can always keep the robot orientated in our direction and still pick up balls.

The discs are made of metal base plates cut into circles.

Love the intake and innovative use of the base plates.