321H Worlds Reveal | Turning Point

Good luck at Worlds! Competing in Technology Division
Niles West High School

Feel free to ask us any questions!


Nice robot. Good luck at worlds!

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Very good!

Congratulations on the work done by the team.
Let’s stay in the crowd for good learning results this season!

Good luck to all!
Greetings from Brazil!

The video really is a beautiful production, CONGRATULATIONS!


Dang. Interesting intake design. Like the 2BC. Good luck at worlds!

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Are your omnis not locked? While the drifting effect allows for efficient movement, I would be worried about defense taking advantage of this. How have your experiences been on the matter?

Also, can you “snipe” flags from the back of the field?


We decided that locked omni wheels aren’t needed because with or without them, defense will cause you to miss your shot. Getting pushed 2 inches vs 24 inches doesn’t make a difference when .5 inch is all it takes to throw off the angle. Instead of trying to resist pushing, we have to play around it by quickly shooting, or being the ones that plays the defense :wink:. Also, since we wanted to gear up our drivetrain, having 6 wheels (2 tractions in the middle) makes it much more complex.

About shooting from the back, our strategy revolves around playing defense in the front (since we have a fast drive 6m drive), so we never wanted to shoot from the back. Also, being able to shoot from the back typically gives less firing positions up close to the flags.

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Great robot guys! I wish you the best of luck at worlds this year! I really like how you approached side loading on your catapult. Great video quality as well.

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