323S Skyhawk 57 Point Programming Skills

Hey guys! I wanted to share our IQ teams programming skills run.

Let me know if you have any questions! Subscribe to the channels for some more IQ videos! We’ll be posting all about the robots here soon!

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Fantastic! Awesome bot! I really like the hopper and firing mechanism - very consistent and accurate. Thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

Good job. I guess you do 62 points every other run but didn’t want to spill all the beans, right? :wink:

Yes, they got 62 a lot with this specific route.

Thanks! They have actually done very well. Their last competition they were scoring 80-100 points a match! This design is very quick, easy to build, and can be high-scoring. The team is rebuilding to a different design right now!

Great! thanks for sharing…

That is awesome, do you have any pictures or designs you can share. One of my teams think it is really cool. tpajns@gmail.com