323Z Aftershock Community Updates

Just a heads up, there is going to be a delay on the blog post for this week. Hopefully it will be going up tomorrow evening, however, I cannot guarantee anything.

The team vlog will still be going up at noon (EST) tomorrow on our YouTube channel.

Do you guys have any plans for any other type of videos rather than vlogs. That’s not saying vlogs are boring but if you want to have active and lots of views and subscribers variety is key.

I would like to see your perspective of a competition rather than just matches. I mean like what happens in your pit and scouting wise. Obviously it is your decision but as a UK team we do not realise the intensity of American competitions

Thanks for the feedback!

Yes we were actually already thinking about vlogging the competitions, though the first one for us won’t be until mid November. We also will (hopefully) have some tutorial videos out soon. Some of the delay on those is due to the fact our email list gets early access to certain types of videos.

Thanks again for the feedback! We really appreciate it!
Luke Rohler
Team Manager

A few quick things:

The Aftershock News Blasts have officially started! If you haven’t already, head over to team323z.com and sign up for those. We’ve got some great content in those that you don’t want to miss!

We’re only 8 subscribers away from the 400 mark on our YouTube channel! This is huge for us and we really appreciate all the support! When we hit the 400 mark, to celebrate I’ll release the first of our tutorial videos.

Thanks again for all the support!
Luke Rohler
Team Manager

Watch for the first IQ team vlog tomorrow at 12:00 PM EST on our YouTube Channel! We’re really excited to see how it is recieved; it seems there are so few videos relating to IQ on YouTube compared to the highschool system. Of course that isn’t exactly surprising considering it’s all elementary and middle schoolers.

The team blog seems to be coming in bi-weekly for now because of how busy we are, though as our building process slows down a bit hopefully those will pick up in frequency.

Luke Rohler
Team Manager

The highschool vlog is up! Check it out here and subscribe while you’re at it :smiley:

I’m going to hopefully work out an upload schedule for all of our media here soon.

The blog is next!!!

So after watching the latest video I assume you are shooting to pick up 5 cubes at a time?

Yes that would be correct! The tray has already been designed and the beta design was already released to our email News Blast list.

Our schedule has tamed down a bit and we’re getting back on the schedule for all our vlogs and blogs! Go check out the latest vlog on our YouTube channel and subscribe while you’re at it! We talk about our finished #DR4B and high capacity tray.

Thanks for your patience!
Luke Rohler
Team Manager

Come on, you’re giving the subscription link to look like a standard link to the channel? I know you have to verify it, but still.

Sorry about that. I didn’t even check the link last night I just copied and pasted one of the links I put earlier on this thread.

It seems I haven’t posted on this thread in a while! Don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten y’all!

In case you don’t subscribe to our YouTube Channel (which you really should if you don’t because it’s awesome), here’s our new update video. Don’t forget to like, share, and subscribe!

And as always, if you use one of our designs, don’t copy it, IMPROVE it!

Thanks for reading!
Luke Rohler
Team Manager
323Z Aftershock

Just so you’re aware, the link in your most recent post has it too.

Once again, we have exciting new media coming out on our YouTube channel! Due to several requests and the amount of requests for programming help that our team has received, we have begun a series of comprehensive RobotC programming tutorials. Check out the first tutorial here!

I would like to clarify, we are more than happy to help teams with any questions they might have. It is our goal to be a well known, comprehensive, and accessible resource! The goal in starting this series of tutorials is to help new and struggling programmers quickly achieve a solid grasp of the basics of programming so they are able to excell and experience success as fast as possible.

Also, our YouTube channel is nearing 500 subs! This is very awesome for us and we are looking forward to using our channel as a way of exposing kids to VEX and hopefully getting them involved.

Thanks for all your support,
Luke Rohler
Team Manager
323Z Aftershock