323Z NBN Robot Reveal

Check out Team 323Z Aftershock’s Nothing But Net Robot Reveal! We would love to answer any questions about the robot!

Looks awesome. definitely going to win worlds with that :slight_smile:

Sick build quality man. Obviously a very competitive and high quality robot destined for worlds.

How many hops per second do you guys do with 6 fully charged tanks?
Would you consider posting a video showing us how to attach all 6 of our air tanks in a legal fashion? Yours are done so professionally.

Absolutely stunning. However, I strongly feel that the use of coils of pneumatic tubing instead of six tanks would have aided greatly in adding air and reducing weight. Aslom more motors might help the robot to drive better

Skills scores?

Can it do a fade away?

I bet that robot performs stunning defense!

I believe you may run into some problems with the refs since you are only allowed to have 2 tanks. Otherwise this is such a good robot.

Do you think if you added a few more pistons and angle them, you could jump high enough to land on a robot and earn 50 points?

I was so excited to see this thread. I was fumbling over myself clicking it because I was so excited to see the next iteration of the amazing auto aiming turret awesomeness that is 323Z.

Now I’m just sad.

Ok, it was funny too.

I was sweating so bad and then I saw three reservoirs. I cry =s

I’ve seen 323Z’s (real) robot in person (and been in a match against it) and it is one hell of a sight. I won’t give anything away because I doubt they would like it but everyone is in for a treat.

Thanks :slight_smile: We will be working on a REAL reveal here shortly; we are finishing up some tuning. I can tell you that what you have seen so far this year is nothing compared to what we have now! We start out the second semester on the 30th! I’ll hopefully get an update out after their tournament.

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haha, sorry :stuck_out_tongue: We had a member build a random robot and decided it would be funny if we did a fake release. We were dying laughing the whole time we were creating the video.

I don’t know whether to be afraid, excited, or both. I’m gonna go with excited.

Honestly this is the scariest robot I have ever seen in VEX Robotics. I’m sure we will see you guys at some point in the near future!

Unless we make it to states we won’t, since you guys aren’t going to the city competition or the last one we’re going to.


It wasn’t funny! It was SCARY! Especially that troll at the end.