323Z Worlds Fundraising

We have printed some REALLY cool frisbees for this years Worlds Fundraising.

If you would like one, they are $10. They are really accurate (we have played Ultimate with them ;)), and fun to play with. PM me if you want a frisbee. You can either send me a check, or I can give it to you at Worlds and you pay me there (US Open too. I’ll be there). Here are the different colors you can choose from (some are limited):
Black | White | Blue | Neon | Glow in the Dark | Orange | Red | Yellow

We are also selling custom coffee blends (the coffee is some of the best in Indiana). You can see information on the coffee here: http://www.team323z.com/fundraising.html

Here is a YouTube video explaining where we get the coffee, and what blends we have! [http://youtu.be/cqtLrdLXQPc

See y’all at Worlds (and Open :p)](http://youtu.be/cqtLrdLXQPc)

what company did you go through to make your Frisbee?

A local company in Indiana: http://zingmini.com/

If you guys buy frisbee’s, mention that 323Z referred you :wink:

Are the ones that you are selling the mini ones or are they full sized?

They are the mini-frisbees (so much cooler cause I mean, who has those?!). I personally love the mini-frisbees. They are so much fun.